Should canada sell its water essay

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Should canada sell its water essay

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IMHO if water is a renewable resource in Canada, it is a renewable resource everywhere else on the North American continent.

All of us have to take responsibility to ensure that our rate of use of water does not outstrip the rate of renewal. In addition, we need some facts as to just how much of the earth's renewable water Canada really has.

According to Environment Canada: Excuse the capitals, I am using them for emphasis, not shouting rudely. I will not take the time to research how much renewable water resources the United States has. All the parties share responsibility for the management and use of these water resources.

Is this not enough? Should Canadians be entering into agreements to export of water to Colorado and Arizona as well?


In times of drought, parts of Canada suffer water shortages that affect our industrial and domestic and endeavours.

At these times, strict water conservation measures have to be instituted and areas that are not experiencing drought send assistance to those that are in need.

The policy recognizes and will work harmoniously with provincial policies and practices. The following is quoted from the above national water policy and it is important to consider these facts when exporting Canada's water to the south is concerned: In other words, to the extent that we Canadians have lots of water, most of it is not where it is needed, in the populated areas of the country.

In those populated areas where it is plentiful, water is fast becoming polluted and unusable. The overall problem in the country is compounded by drought in certain regions.

Should canada sell its water essay

Put simply, Canada is not a water-rich country. That is why the Government of Canada emphatically opposes large-scale exports of our water.

We have another reason for our opposition; the inter-basin diversions necessary for such exports would inflict enormous harm on both the environment and society, especially in the North, where the ecology is delicate and where the effects on Native cultures would be devastating. We must manage water like any other valuable resource — with care.

That gives incentive for charging the air we breath.

The object should be to use it in our own time in a way that leaves it unimpaired for our children and their children after them.

Most of all, we must recognize its worth. I would like to add that Canada has developed expertise in obtaining support at the grassroots level for the need to conserve water. We can offer to share this expertise with groups in the United States who have not been able to convince communities to adopt sustainable methods of water use.

You may be aware that there are many conspiracy theories alleging that Canada's water resources are at present being filched by certain organizations. I cannot state that any of these theories has validity, but you should judge their credibility for yourself.

One such article can be found at:He has written about water pricing strategies in Canada and says we'd all be better off if Canada raised the rates on water. - Nic Rivers Click "Listen" above to hear the interviews. Canada is woefully, abjectly, lacking in comprehensive, real-time, consistent and granular data about its water supply, use or outlook.

Despite local advances in a few watersheds, most authorities lack reliable metrics to support decisions about which water-reliant economic activities to promote or constrain. Canada has many modern, multicultural cities, each with its own distinct personality.

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are possibly the best-known, but there are so many others that highlight different aspects of Canada, such as its maritime culture, mountainous landscape, French history, or its indigenous people. Apr 03,  · Im doing an essay on Why Canada Shouldn't sell its water to the United States.


I have done research on this topic and i think they should not because its environmentally wrong!!! People are not the only thing that relies on Resolved.

Able to satisfy most of its own needs, Canada is one of the world’s few net energy exporters. Most of our electricity exports are clean and renewable because they come from hydropower.

Canada is a net exporter of electricity to the United States and the majority of Canada’s exports come from hydropower. Feb 22,  · Food with high water content tends to look larger, its higher volume requires more chewing, and it is absorbed more slowly by .

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