I m writing a novel lyrics

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I m writing a novel lyrics

Most of you already do this. All right, here we go. First off, why have them? Well, forming a soundtrack as you write your novel can help craft your desired atmosphere.

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Music is magic and has a way of influencing you more than you probably think. However, coming up with a complete soundtrack can also be beneficial for marketing your book, too.

For my first novel, ToxicityI spent a ton of time crafting the ultimate soundtrack. Toxicity has fifty-three chapters, and I wanted to find a song that best represented each chapter.

So, yes, I created a soundtrack with fifty-three songs on it. I started off by going through my novel and briefly jotting down notes about each chapter.

I wrote down important themes and atmospheres found in the book. Fortunately I already had a bunch of songs in mind that I thought would work really well. Hell, some of these songs even inspired sections of the book back in the early stages of the writing process.

After outlining the chapter themes and events, I browsed both my memory and my music library to search for songs that could possibly fit each individual chapter. I tried to come up with three-to-five songs for each chapter, and then forced my girlfriend to listen to all the songs and help me pick out the best ones.

The majority of the time, she ended up picking my first instinct, which further developed my ongoing suspicion that my girlfriend is actually a figment of my progressively decaying imagination. Forming the Toxicity soundtrack, I carefully examined all fifty chapters—actually, fifty-three chapters, if you include the three-part prologue—and determined what song best captured the essence of each chapter.

Ideally, the reader should listen to each song either right before, during, or directly after reading the specified chapter. I also recommend blogging about each track and explaining why you chose the songs you did. I started doing this for Toxicity, but I gave up because holy crap, you guys, fifty-three songs is just too many songs to review.

Another advantage of having a soundtrack is being able to connect with people who dig the same music you do.

i m writing a novel lyrics

For instance, I am a huge Modest Mouse fan. She immediately gasped in excitement and bought a copy of my book.

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That was a joke. Please buy my book.

i m writing a novel lyrics

My children need school clothes. Of course, there are probably copyright laws about these soundtracks.

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Although, I have no way of knowing if that makes it legal. I figured I would take my chances. You should definitely look up the law first. I do know two things for sure, though:I ran down the road, pants down to my knees Screaming "please come help me, that Canadian shaman gave a little too much to me!" And I'm writing a novel because it's never been done before.

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