Heart of darkness evil essay

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Heart of darkness evil essay

Literary Terms Exploration of Evil in Heart of Darkness Conrad's Heart of Darkness says that everybody has within oneself vulnerability, fragility, weakness and strong fear of being deviated from the essential norms and values.

All of us possess within ourselves basic evils. In our day to day normal life this basic hidden evil doesn't emerge strongly and overwhelmingly.

Spiritual Warfare

But when we enter into that zone, which fires our evils, these evils becomes insurmountable and unconquerable. Joseph Conrad These evils becomes so threatening that they can claim our lives. For example, greed and lust for power and prosperity is invisibly hidden in the innermost part of our life.

At the normal state of our life we are not aware of how life threatening they are. But the moment we enter into the atmosphere of temptation we succumbs to the temptation of evils if we have no substance to prevent. In the novel, there is a unique and pretty extraordinary genius Kurtz.

He is a superb European. He represents a highly refined civilized, European, moral self. Amidst the enchanting glow and glamour of his civilized personality all basic evils remained unknown. But as soon as Kurtz landed on the soil of Congo, his civilized personality and 'self' began to dwindle and disintegrate.

He saw the prospect of exploiting ivory. He happened to see lots of economic resources in the Congo. He found those people incapable of self-governance.

Heart of darkness evil essay

So in Kurtz's mind the ambitious desire to rule the Africans in Congo developed. Having seen lots of ivory, Kurtz's greed soared uncontrollably.

In the name of dominating the natives, he became more barbaric than the natives. When Kurtz came to stand face to face with savagery, with savage people, with savage culture, he ought to have controlled his moral self.

He must have curbed his lust for those things which are by nature tempting and destructive. But Kurtz gave in for power, material gain and for the beauty of brutalities. His civilized 'self' became so torn that he became the avatar of the natives.


He was so engulfed by barbarism that he began to say, 'Exterminate all the brutes'. One step ahead, he becomes so cruel that he was ready to shoot his own bosom friend just for the sake of a small piece of ivory.

Heart of darkness evil essay

He was so obsessed that he rapaciously exploited Congo. His evils cropped up and mushroomed panoramically. He became so sexual that he forgot about his European girlfriend and began to enjoy with an African woman. So it seems that Kurtz's evils increased by leaps and bounds as he came in touch with evil- stimulating outer atmosphere.

But like Kurtz, Marlow too had reached Congo. But unlike Kurtz, Marlow kept himself intact amidst the enticing climate of evil. Hence the novel asserts that by exploring the outer world of evil the explorer happen to explore his own inner world of evil.

Whichever evil you explore, evil is evil and the elements explored remains evil.A summary of Symbols in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Heart of Darkness and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

The Catholic Encyclopedia. 15 volumes were produced between and Updates occurred in (an index) and (supplementary volumes). Published by the Robert Appleton Company, New York, USA (later renamed to The Encyclopedia Press). Reproduced on rutadeltambor.com. The Bible (NIV). Heart of darkness good vs evil essays.

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The Evil of Colonialism and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad - Exploring the Evil of Colonialism in Heart of Darkness A masterpiece of twentieth-century writing, Heart of Darkness exposes the tenuous fabric that holds "civilization" together and the brutal horror at the center of European colonialism.

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Heart of darkness evil essay

Dedovshchina essay. Problems in the workplace essay brown vs board of educational history essay essay on dramatic poesy text czech language useful phrases for essays. Heart Of Darkness Good Vs Evil Essay A critical response essay (or Interpretive essay or review) has two missions: to summarize a source’s main idea and to respond to the source’s main ideas with reactions based on your synthesis.

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