Essay on education system in india or abroad

Share this article Facing a dilemma whether it is better to study in India or abroad? This is a question that many students and their families face on a regular basis. On one hand, you have the comfort of living and studying in your native country and not having to leave behind all your family and friends.

Essay on education system in india or abroad

Contact Adjusting to a Different Education System While participating in your study abroad program, you may be surprised by how much free time that you have outside of class or you may be unsure of the expectations that your new professors hold. Many educational systems outside of the United States focus more on a final essay or exam, giving the appearance that there is little to be completed throughout the semester.

The expectation is that you will spend this time reading the suggested materials and researching the topics discussed in class.

Major Difference between Indian Education System and Foreign (Abroad) Education System ?

Here are some tips that may help you to have a successful academic experience abroad: Although it may not be specifically stated in the syllabus, attendance is important! You should to attend all classes. Read all required and suggested readings that your professor assigns.

Do not wait until the end of the semester to begin working on your final project, or you may quickly become stressed. You'll want to enjoy your last few weeks and not be stressed. Introduce yourself to your professor at the beginning of the semester. Establishing this connection early will create an open line of communication, which will be especially helpful if you find yourself having difficulties in the course.

Establish contact with students from your host country. These students will know what to expect in terms of coursework and may be able to offer advice throughout the semester.

It is also a great way to make friends in your host country. Brian Craigo bcraigo ltu.

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Many educational systems outside of the U.Indian system follows outdated curriculum and is revised in late intervals but foreign education focus on the recent developments in a subject area. Indian method of assessment is mostly examination based while foreign system assess students through assignments/essays, seminars etc.

Mar 23,  · Tips for the Essay on Reservation System in India Think before you write and accordingly divide your content section wise.

Don’t interrupt the flow between sections/5(55).

Essay on education system in india or abroad

India needs a huge force of innovators who could make it self reliant in all kinds of sciences and technologies. India needs artists who could make its culture the most popular in the world.

Indian Edu. vs Foreign education

A culture which is not only saleable itself but also helps in selling India’s products across the world. American education system and Indian education system are significantly different on various aspects, but they still have a lot of things in common. In this article, I will try to compare both education systems from several perspectives.

We lived in the USA for several years and our two kids attended the schools in America few years. Indian Education System.

Study Abroad - Foreign Education Systems

Essay on Indian Education System To strengthen the Indian Education System, an educational policy was adopted by the Indian Parliament in Education was made an important and integral part of the national development efforts. Indian education system does not enable to do any innovative work due its old and bad structure.

They concentrate on concept as opposed to useful understanding.

Essay on education system in india or abroad

They bind students mind by making it restricted in specific area as an outcome we do not get much direct exposure as we ought to get.

Indian Education System vs. Foreign Education System ?