Development of new university sports facility

There are many options in financing sport and recreation facilities than involve both public and private arrangements and investments. This paper will address various financial ventures and the benefits and pitfalls of those options. Public funding may included but may not be limited to taxes, municipal bonds, certificates of participation and special authority bonds. Public funding may include but may not be limited to, cash donations, contributions, naming rights, concessionaire and or restaurant rights, sponsorships, lease agreements, luxury and preferred seating, parking fees, advertising, and gifts shops revenues.

Development of new university sports facility

Why do you think the new facility is necessary for the University of Houston basketball programs? Today, every collegiate sports program must compete to recruit and then retain the highest-level student athletes and coaches.

Training facilities, stadiums and arenas are all an indication of the commitment of the university to athletics and to the development of the student athlete. What are the key design elements involved in the new facility?

The new facility wraps around a corner of the existing basketball arena. This element provides a new public face for the historic Hofheinz Pavilion with a dynamic three-story entry lobby that will be highly visible on campus.

The player development facility is a three-story building, housing all team and coaching spaces. The design includes a comprehensive strength and conditioning space and sports medicine facilities adjacent to the practice courts.

The second level of the facility is only accessible by student athletes and athletic staff. This area houses locker rooms and film, study and lounge areas for the student athletes. What are some trends in basketball facility design that were incorporated into this facility?

Again, time is precious for student athletes so the Houston Basketball Development Facility contains all the training and support spaces that both players and coaches need. There are academic support spaces on the second level and theater-style film rooms for each team. There are full-service strength and conditioning and sports medicine facilities within the space instead of being located at a central campus location.

Was there any student or staff feedback involved in the development of this facility? If so, what was it? The design of these development facilities must be a collaborative effort. It is essential to meet the needs of coaches and student athletes who will use the facility.


Houston coaches, administrators and student athletes were involved in every aspect of the design. The coaches defined how they want to instruct in the locker room. The outcome of that is the design has lockers on three sides and the fourth wall has video display, white boards and tack boards for instruction and pre-game preparation.

The coaching staff also weighed in on the court design and layout and, of course, their office space — all of which informed our design. Similarly, the strength and conditioning coaches and staff were instrumental in the layout and equipment selection in the weight room, and the training staff defined layout for sports medicine and hydrotherapy.

The culture of every university campus is unique. The Houston athletics administration defined the character and message they want the facility to portray for their basketball program and the University of Houston. Our role as designers is to make that vision a reality. Everything about it is specifically designed for and unique to the University of Houston.Financing Options and Facility Development.

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Development of new university sports facility

A cutting-edge new sports complex is due to be completed in October at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), following a £ million investment.

The facility at Hillside Gardens will provide pitches for football, rugby, lacrosse, American football and Ultimate frisbee. A recent Gonzaga University Study and Sports Facilities Advisory report estimated the new facility would generate an additional $33 million annually in direct tourism spending in our community.

In addition, it would create new jobs through the construction phase and full-time employment once operational. University of Maryland, Baltimore County Brad R.

Humphreys Economic Development and Sports On the surface, sports facilities and franchises appear to be prime a professional sports franchise wants a new facility built using public financing, an “economic impact study” is commissioned to justify the.

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