Arcadia national park

Native people[ edit ] Native Americans have inhabited the area called Acadia for at least 12, years, including the coastal areas of Maine, Canada, and adjacent islands. Some of the nations call Mount Desert Island Pemetic "range of mountains"which has remained at the center of the Wabanaki traditional ancestral homeland and territory of traditional stewardship responsibility to the present day. The Wabanaki traveled to the island in birch bark canoes to hunt, fish, gather berries, harvest clams and basket-making resources like sweetgrassand to trade with other Wabanakis. They camped near places like Somes Sound.

Arcadia national park

The activities of two modern Arcadia national park and the house's current residents are juxtaposed with those of the people who lived there in the earlier period.

InThomasina Coverly, the daughter of the house, is a precocious teenager with ideas about mathematics, nature and physics well ahead of her time. She studies with her tutor Septimus Hodge, a friend of Lord Byron an unseen guest in the house.

In the present, writer Hannah Jarvis and literature professor Bernard Nightingale converge on the house: As their studies unfold — with the help of Valentine Coverly, a post-graduate student in mathematical biology — the truth about what happened in Thomasina's time is gradually revealed. The play's set features a large table, used by the characters in both past and present.

Props are not removed when the play switches time period; books, coffee mugsquill pensportfolios, and laptop computers appear together, blurring past and present. An ancient but still living tortoise also appears in every scene, symbolising long-suffering endurance and the continuity of existence.

Scene 1 Act 1 [ edit ] The play opens on 10 Aprilin a garden-front room of the house. Septimus Hodge is trying to distract year-old Thomasina from her curiosity about " carnal embrace " by challenging her to prove Fermat's Last Theorem ; he also wants to focus on reading the poem "The Couch of Eros" by Ezra Chater, a guest at the house.

Thomasina starts asking why jam mixed in Arcadia national park pudding can never be unstirred, which leads her on to the topic of determinism and to a beginning theory about chaotic shapes in nature. This is interrupted by Chater himself, who is angry that his wife was caught in the aforementioned "carnal embrace" with Septimus; he has come to demand a duel.

Septimus tries to defuse the situation by heaping praise on "The Couch of Eros". The tactic works, because Chater does not know it was Septimus who savaged an earlier work of his, "The Maid of Turkey".

Then landscape architect Richard Noakes enters, shortly accompanied by Captain Brice and Lady Croom; the three discuss proposed modifications to the gardens, while Thomasina sketches an imaginary hermit on Noakes's technical drawing of the garden.

Arcadia national park

Scene 2[ edit ] The setting shifts to the present day. Hannah Jarvis is researching the house, the garden, and specifically the hermit, for a study of hermits and the Romantic imagination. Bernard Nightingale enters with Chloe Coverly; she conceals his identity from Hannah, as he had given Hannah's last book a poor review.

Chloe's brother, Valentine, is gathering data on the population biology of the grouse in the surrounding grounds, using the house's "game books".

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When Chloe accidentally reveals Bernard's identity, Hannah reacts angrily; but she agrees to share her research material, which enables him to propose the theory that one of the inhabitants, Ezra Chater, was killed in a duel by Lord Byron.

Bernard notes that records of Chater the poet disappeared afterand the only other Chater of record is a botanist. Scene 3[ edit ] The third scene returns to the earlier time frame; Septimus is again tutoring Thomasina, this time in translating Latin.

Again their focus diverts, this time to the destruction of the Alexandrian Librarywhich upsets Thomasina. She mourns the loss of the knowledge stored there, and Septimus responds that all that was lost will eventually turn up again.

They are again interrupted by Chater, who succeeds in challenging Septimus to the duel, having learned from Lord Byron off-stage that Septimus wrote the damning review. Scene 4[ edit ] Hannah rediscovers Thomasina's primer containing her ideas on iteration and chaos theory ; this recalls Septimus' assertion that what was lost is eventually rediscovered.

Valentine reacts with interest to the notes, as his own research centres on similar concepts. Scene 5 Act 2 [ edit ] Still in the present, Bernard gives Hannah, Valentine, and Chloe a preview of his lecture theorising that Lord Byron shot and killed Chater in a duel.

When Hannah and Valentine challenge his logic, Bernard launches into a diatribe about the irrelevance of science, then departs for his lecture and a promotional media appearance in London.

Hannah begins to suspect that the hermit of Sidley Park — who was reportedly obsessed with algebraic computations about the heat death of the universethe theory suggested in Thomasina's diagram — could have been Septimus.

Scene 6[ edit ] Returning towe learn that the duel never occurred. Chater serving as the expedition's botanist and Mrs. Chater as the captain's secret paramour. Lord Byron has also left the country. Septimus has gone rabbit hunting for Thomasina, who favours rabbit pie ; he returns to find Lady Croom searching for him.

She has found two letters Septimus wrote in case he should die in the duel: Lady Croom invites Septimus to an amorous rendezvous. Scene 7[ edit ] The final scene takes place in both and the present, the actions running concurrently.*Adapted from Acadia: The Complete Guide, the bestselling guidebook to Acadia National Park for over a decade..

Mount Desert Island, home to much of Acadia National Park, is one of the most beautiful islands in America. You could easily spend a month there and not run out of things to do. Sea and mountain meet at Acadia, where, as one presumably ambidextrous visitor wrote, "you can fish with one hand and sample blueberries from a wind-stunted bush with the other." Most of the park.


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Bridgeport: Russell Cave National Monument Russell Cave is an archaeological site with one of the most complete records of prehistoric cultures in the Southeast.

Pets on a leash are welcome at Russell Cave. Davison: Horseshoe Bend National Military Park Horseshoe Bend National Military Park is the site of the last battle of the Creek War on March 27, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Acadia National Park, Maine—which comprises 47, acres of land on Mount Desert Island, Isle au Haut and the Schoodic Peninsula—is the only national park in Maine.

It is located in the area of DownEast & Acadia, Maine.

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