A description of religous texts and their significations

Clark, Malcolm Islamic sacred texts In Islam, there are two main sacred texts: These books teach and illustrate Islamic beliefs, values, and practices. They are also important historical documents especially the Quranwhich tell the story of the origins of the Islamic faith. The Quran is the most sacred text, as it is believed to be the literal word of God as revealed to Muhammad.

A description of religous texts and their significations

Septembre " contains a series of predictions, based on the September Lunar Eclipse. Le Noir did not mention the year of publishing.

Michel de Nostradame in Grenoble. The September Lunar Eclipse is the subject of comments in the last part of book 4. He also mentioned borrowings from the Eclipsium omniumwritten by Cyprianus Leovitius in The second Century of the Prophecies Les Significations… contains a reference to a writing in which Nostradamus explains the second Century.

This reference implies that there is some correspondence between Les Significations… and quatrains in the second Century.

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It also implies that Nostradamus might have written interpretations of other Centuries. The search for the interpretation by Nostradamus of the second Century — as well as for his interpretations of the other Centuries — has always been in vain.

Formation et fortunehe quoted an English translation of a prediction for June Fraunce to be greatly augmented, to triumphe, to magnifie and specially his ovvne monarke. This was copied from the Eclipsium omnium… and elaborated.

Another reason for Halbronn to doubt the authenticity of Les Significations… was the abbreviation H.

A description of religous texts and their significations

If around the term "Century" was common, as the classification of the Bonhomme-edition and the Du Rosne editions suggest, a reference to Centuries would be obvious. However, contemporary critics of Nostradamus like Couillard and Videl always referred to Prophecies instead of Centuries.

Gruber attributes Les Significations…to Nostradamus. According to him, it does not make sense that long after the September Lunar Eclipse, an antedated booklet was published, containing predictions about the impact of this Eclipse. In his article Reconsidering the Nostradamus plot, his arguments in favour of the authenticity of Les Significations… are as follows: In all probability, Nostradamus had in mind to publish a rejoinder to his critics, but he knew very well that such a book would be hard to sell.

The public at large was not interested in fierce debates. Hence, he decided to take advantage of the impending eclipse of the moon, to issue an interpretation of this prodigious sign in which he would also include a heated reply to his detractors. Most likely he wanted to bring the book out soon and did not want to lose time by writing a piece about the coming eclipse on his own.

Therefore he relied on the work by Leovitius and had the brilliant idea of changing the subject from the interpretation of the celestial phenomenon without further notice on fol.

Biir in the middle of a sentence and turn to the topic of the counter-attack — which was his central idea for this publication in the first place.

At first sight, the remarks about the public at large and low sales figures seem reasonable enough to suppose a counter-attack, packed in a series of predictions, based on an impending Lunar Eclipse. However, contemporary critics like Couillard and Videl thought it worthwhile to publish an attack on Nostradamus without any prediction at all.

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Apparently, they had the opinion that such an attack would be interesting to the public at large and would sell; otherwise, they would have looked for a different way of attacking. Therefore, Nostradamus could count on the same sales figures.

Low sales figures of the writings of critics would have given him the opportunity to ignore their attacks and to remain quiet.

Regarding authenticity, the arguments of Gruber are not sufficient and raise questions about the idea of sales figures, which nobody can verify. Incompatible astrological descriptions The zodiacal longitude of Mars, 7: According to this part, Mars was located in the midst of heaven, in square with the South Lunar Node.

According to these calculations, Mars was in the tenth house the midst of heaven and in square with the South Lunar Node on 0: There were no planets in the eighth house. Mars is on 7: Horoscope Lunar Eclipse, September 16,according to present-day software.

Mars is in Capricorn in the 10th house. There are no planets in Sagittarius in the 8th house. The findings about the zodiacal longitude of Mars lead to two important conclusions. The first conclusion was that the horoscope of the Eclipse, drawn by Leovitius, contains a mistake.

Mars is not located on 7: The reference by Leovitius to a Mars-Antares conjunction in the eighth house is wrong and his predictions, based on this conjunction, are invalid. The second conclusion was that during the writing of Les Significations…, this mistake was overlooked. A horoscope was calculated with Mars in the tenth house.

This location, the correct location, was described in the introductory part of Les Significations…, including the square of Mars with the South Lunar Node.The third major type of material found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, though, in some ways is the most interesting insight into the life of the community that lived there, because this material.

Feb 18,  · The Pyramid Texts are the oldest religious writings that modern scholars have from ancient Egypt -- and quite possibly, the oldest sacred texts in . Some gentiles have tried to put an ugly spin on this theology, claiming that Jews plan to force people to convert to our religion, perhaps based on their own religion's history of doing exactly the same thing.

Sacred Texts in World Religions Some sacred texts form the cornerstone of a religion, instilling law, character and spirituality in its people; some are narratives of historical figures in the faith. A text might be viewed as the unchanging “Word of God;” other texts are revised and expanded by later generations.

These non-religious positions, attitudes and beliefs have a long history, though denial of religion began to be publicly acceptable only during the 19 th and 20 th centuries.

During this period a range of organisations began to serve and represent the interests of the non-religious. Material Possessions Essay Examples. 6 total results. The Dominate Effects of Material Possessions on People words.

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A description of religous texts and their significations

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